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We develop, manufacture and distribute products for the Off-Road, 4×4 and outdoor accessories market. Outback Extreme is the original manufacturer of replacement rear bumpers for 4×4 vehicles in South Africa. We have products designed to suit most of the popular 4×4 and SUV vehicle models in Southern Africa. Our products are distributed and fitted by Outback Extreme dealers throughout sub-Saharan Africa.


Outback Extreme replacement bumpers are purpose build to your specific 4x4 and SUV vehicle brand...

about us

Outback Extreme is a developer and manufacturer of replacement bumpers, wheel carriers, tow bars and accessories for the 4×4 and off-road market. We are the largest and original manufacturer of these wheel carrier products in South Africa. Outback Extreme has more than 19 years’ experience with the design, development and manufacture of these products specifically for African environments and conditions.

Outback Extreme was founded by owner Frank Isola, through a combination of his 28 years’ experience in the metal manufacturing and fabrication industry, a strong passion for the outdoors and superb creativity. Frank’s travels through Africa and Australia have provided him with the opportunity to experience off-road life and meet many 4×4 experts and enthusiasts as well as automotive product development professionals. This provided a solid platform on which to develop the Outback Extreme range of high quality products.


Outback Extreme products, fitted to most popular 4×4 and off-road vehicles, have been subjected to extreme conditions of service in simulated vibration and endurance tests as well as many years of unfailing service to serious African explorers, also, many mine vehicle support fleets across Africa. Certain products have been developed in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturer and are hence OEM approved.

Customers of Outback Extreme are found throughout South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, as well as Europe and the Middle East.

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our mission

Outback Extreme will be the leading manufacturer and supplier of choice for tow bars, bumpers and wheel carriers for the 4×4 accessory market in Southern Africa. This will be achieved by providing an innovative and comprehensive range of products to customers while exceeding their quality and service expectations. Through honour and integrity, we will create and sustain opportunities for shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers to grow and prosper.

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